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Some things about the area

Edmonton is situated on the North Saskatchewan River and it is the most northerly city in North America. The city which is the capital of Alberta province is elevated 2,201 ft above the sea level, sharing the same latitude with Dublin (Ireland),Hamburg (Germany), Magnitogorsk (Russia) and Manchester (United Kingdom).

In the 40s, Edmonton was named the "Oil Capital of Canada" since was and still is the hub of the province's petrochemical industry. Worldwide, Alberta's gas and oil sands reserves are reported to second Saudi Arabia's. In 2014, the estimated value of its oil, gas and pipeline projects was $34.4-billion out of the regions total of $57.8-billion. The city has also earned reputation as one of the best research and educational centres in Canada. Such educational institutions include Edmonton Research Park, Alberta Research Council and the University of Alberta. It is also a financial centre with major banks and financial institutions, a retail centre and home to several shopping malls.

The city's nightlife is characterized by live performances, clubs and restaurants which are mostly found along Whyte Avenue strip that also boasts of the highest number of heritage buildings in Edmonton. It is also home to Royal Alberta Museum and the famous Churchill Square.

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