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Cash Advances in Mountain Region, Alberta

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Some things about the area

The Mountain Region is situated in the Southwestern parts of Alberta and occupies approximately 8 percent of the province. The region is adjacent to British Columbia and shares a border. Alberta's Rockies, as it is sometimes called, contains the Continental Ranges and the Central Front Ranges of the Canadian Mountains.

It encompasses the Willmore Wilderness, Banff and Jasper national parks and the Kananaskis Country park system making it a major tourist destination. The North Saskatchewan River and the Bow Valley River are the regions most important waterways. It also has a transportation corridor which runs through the Yellowhead Pass and the Kicking Horse Pass east to west.

Two main communities in the region are Jasper and Banff. They are served by the Trans-Canada Highway, David Thompson Highway, the Yellowhead Highway and the Bighorn Highway. The region's healthcare is a responsibility of Alberta Health Services. Some of the health centres in the region include Seton Jasper Healthcare Centre in Jasper, Banff Mineral Springs Hospital in Banff, Canmore General Hospital and Hinton Healthcare Centre.

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