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Cash Advances in Chilliwack, British Columbia

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Some things about the area

The City of Chilliwack is situated in the Upper Fraser Valley, along the Trans Canada Highway bounded by the Fraser River on the north and Canada-United States border on the south. It is also surrounded by the Fraser and Vedder rivers as well as the high peaks of Slesse Mountain and Mount Cheam.

The Chilliwack Batholith is the most notable geographical feature in the region. It spans North Cascades in southwestern British Columbia, the U.S. state of Washington and Canada. The large mass of exposed intrusive rocks is part of the Pemberton Volcanic Belt which is believed to be between 26 and 29 million years old.

Besides tourism, farming is essential to the city's identity and economy. It has about 939 farms occupying approximately 42, 800 acres set aside for farming. Corn is the city's main crop and it is grown between June and September during the sunny weather.

The vibrant city is known for rock music scene and bands like the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and Mystery Machine. It also teems with events and festivals all year round. Some of the famous events are Party in the Park and Music and More both of which are musical and performing arts concerts.

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