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Some things about the area

The metropolitan area of Greater Victoria, also known as Victoria has a population of 344,615 making it Canada's 15th most populous urban regions. The capital city of British Columbia, the City of Victoria is situated within this metropolitan area and covers 19.47 square kilometers with a total population of 80,032. Named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the city is one of the oldest in the Pacific Northwest. Its historic landmarks are the British Columbia Parliament Buildings which was finished in 1897 and the Empress hotel which was opened in 1908.

The city has a thriving technology sector that has risen to become its main revenue earner. Others include federal and provincial government administration and services, tourism, education, food production, investment and banking, online book production and light aircraft manufacturing. The city's tech industry generates about $1.95 billion annually and has an estimated impact of $2.65 billion annually on the region's economy. The city which has the highest household internet usage in Canada was named "Canada's Smartest City" by Macleans Magazine.

Victoria is also rich in culture and art. It known for the Rifflandia and Electronic Music Festivals, Canada's largest modern day music festivals.

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