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Some things about the area

Cape Breton Region occupies the whole of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia accounting for 18% of the province. It also includes the Regional Municipality of Cape Brenton as well the counties of Inverness, Cape Breton, Victoria and Richmond. The region is a mix of geographical landscapes comprising rolling farmlands, rocky shores, glacial valleys, mountains, barren headlands, plateaus and woods. Some of its water bodies are the Bras d'Or Lake system, the Margaree River system, Lake Ainslie and the Mira River among others.

As of the 2011 population census, the 10,311 square kilometer region had an estimated population of 135,974. Cape Breton Region's coal deposits contributed significantly to its economic development in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since the depletion of the coal deposits and closure of the mines, the region today relies on its maritime transport industry supported by the Sydney's port and Port Hawkesbury. Despite Cape Breton Regional Municipality transitioning to a service-based economy, other communities in the region have diversified their economies to include fishing, forestry, small-scale agriculture, and tourism.

The region is served by the Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 105, Highway 125, Trunk 4, Trunk 19 and the Canadian National Railway It is also connected to the mainland via the Canso Causeway.

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