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Some things about the area

Bridgewater town is situated in the Lunenburg County. The hilly town spans 13.61 square kilometers, varying in elevation above the sea level with some parts as low as 5 meters while others as high as 110 meters above the sea level.

Historically, the town was a major logging centre. The town which had a median household income of $40,123 by 2005 is currently a service centre for the surrounding communities. Other than Michelin, a tire manufacturing plant in the town, other employers include Millennium 1 Solutions which is a call-centre, Atlantic Superstore and Wal-Mart.

Being more industrial that its neighbors such as Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, the town has lost much of its culture. Today, it celebrates mainstream events such as Canada Day Festivals. It also holds the annual "Big Ex", a century old agricultural event that attracts over 50,000 people every July.

The Town of Bridgewater has a number of learning institutions serving the residents as well as students from the rural parts of the county. The schools include Bridgewater Junior Senior High Schools, Bridgewater Elementary and Park View Education Centre.

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