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Cash Advances in Chester, Nova Scotia

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Some things about the area

The village of Chester is situated in Lunenburg County. It lies south of Stanford Lake in the Chester Peninsula and has a population of 2,348. The village is served by a ferry connecting it to the islands of Little Tancook and Big Tancook daily.

The village successfully voted to retain its village status in 2002 after a controversial motion to change its status to a town. It is one of Nova Scotia's richest communities owing to its numerous holiday resorts that attract tourists from all over the world. Famous events such as the Chester Race Week, a famous kayaking competition in North America, "Sing! Choirs" and "Coldest Day of the Year" are held in Chester village. Additionally, the village has been the setting of several movies and television series such as "Beach Girls", "Candles on Bay Street" and "Noah's Ark".

Schools in Chester are Chester District School which is an elementary school, Chester Area Middle School and Forest Heights Community School.

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