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Cash Advances in Hebbville, Nova Scotia

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Some things about the area

The village of Hebbville is situated in Lunenburg County bordering Bridgewater, several incorporated communities and Fancy Lake. The village named after Hebb family which owned three mills in the area was founded in 1978.

Most of the major businesses in the village are owned by the Hebb family. These are the Indian Garden Farms which grow fruits and vegetables for the local market and Stewart Hebb's situated on Conquerall Mills Rd, specializing in greenhouse plants. Another business in the town is the auto dealership and dealers for companies such as Volkswagen, Ford and Hyundai have established presence in the village.

The village is served by Hebbville Academy which caters for grades P-9 students and has 687 students. The school which is equipped with modern teaching aids serves as a collector school for the western part of the county.

Owing to its low tax rates as compared to Bridgewater, the village has attracted new settlers from the surrounding communities and new housing plans are underway especially along the William Hebb Road.

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