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Some things about the area

The County of Digby has a long history dating back to 1837. It borrows its name from the Town of Digby which was in turn named after Rear Admiral Robert Digby, a royal navy officer. Located within the county are the town of Digby, the district municipalities of Digby and Clare and the villages of Freeport, Tiverton, Westport and Weymouth. It lies south of the Bay of Fundy, east of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Annapolis County and south of Shelburne County.

The main economic activities in the county are fishing and tourism. The most notable attraction in the area is Digby Pines Resort which is situated in the outskirts of Digby town. It has hosted notable personalities in the past including Theda Bara during her honeymoon in 1921. The county is also home to the annual Scallop Days Festival which brings the tourism and fishing industries together in an exhibition that showcases Digby's heritage and history to the tourists.

The Municipal District of Clare which is situated in the western section of the county is predominantly inhabited by the Acadians. This area conducts its businesses mostly in french and holds the largest and oldest Acadian festival annually.

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