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Cash Advances in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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Some things about the area

Yarmouth County is traditionally composed of Acadian French and Anglo-Scottish cultures. The county was established in 1836 and encompasses the town of Yarmouth which is its shire town, and the districts of Argyle and Yarmouth. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Digby County to the north and Shelburne County to the east.

Owing to its proximity to Georges Bank, the town of Yarmouth is known for lobster fishing which supports the local economy. The county also has a history of ship building and is known as the hometown of John Patch who in 1832 invented the first modern screw propeller.

The county prides in its Victorian Style houses which is characteristic of the rich captains and the ship owners of the seafaring days. The culturally rich county is home to the Western Branch of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives.

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