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Some things about the area

Ontario is among Canada's ten provinces and the most populous. It has an estimated population of 13million accounting for 40% of Canada's total population. The province which spans a total area of 1,076,395 square kilometers lies east of Quebec, west of Manitoba, and north of the U.S. states of Minnesota. The province is conceptually divided into north and south with the south bearing the greatest population.

English is the principal language of Ontario and it is spoken by about 70% of the population. French is also spoken especially in the eastern and northeastern parts of the province. Manufacturing sector is the main employer in the province which had a GDP of C$654.561 billion in 2011. Its rivers, which are considered a great natural resource generate about 70% of the province's energy. Ontario's manufacturing prowess has been attributed to abundant supply of energy from nuclear reactors, natural gas, fossil fuel and hydroelectricity. It is also linked to America's heartland which has also contributed to to making manufacturing the main industry. It produces goods such as steel, iron, motor vehicles, electric appliances, food, chemicals, machinery and paper.

Ontario is home to Canada's capital city, Ottawa as well as Toronto which is the most populous city in Canada.

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