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Some things about the area

St. Peter's or Santo Pedro as it was known in the past is a Canadian town in the county of Richmond, Nova Scotia. It lies on the isthmus separating Bras d'Or Lake from St. Peter's Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. The coastal town's elevation above the sea level ranges from 0 to 38 meters. It spans 346.8 square kilometers and is home to about 2,600 people.

The town that lies along Trunk 4 is one of North America's oldest European settlements. Formerly a Portuguese fishing and trading post, the town today is a major service centre for Richmond County. It abounds accommodation and camping facilities, shops, pharmacies, liquor stores, museums, recreational facilities and service stations.

St. Peter's is home to two National Historic Sites of Canada; They are the St. Peter's National Historic Site which contains the archeological remains of Port-Toulouse and Fort Saint-Pierre and the St. Peters Canal National Historic Site of Canada which was used during the world wars.

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