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Some things about the area

Hants County is situated in the Minas Basin Region of Nova Scotia. It is divided into the districts of West Hants and East Hants and covers an area of 3,049.08 square kilometers. The county which has an estimated population of 41,000 residents encompasses the towns of Hantsport and Windsor and an Indian Reserve. It is served by Highways 101 and 102, Trunk routes 1,2 and 14 and five collector routes.

Traditionally, the main economic activities around the county were logging, fishing, gypsum mining and oil and gas mining. Most of these resources have dwindled in the past leaving only minimal gypsum mining activities. The county has suffered the closure of a number of its economic pillars with the latest being the shutdown of CKF Inc, a Royal Chinet paper plates producer in 2012 that rendered 135 people jobless. As of 2005, it had a median income of $49,630. Today, it is majorly a service based economy as tourism is increasingly becoming popular.

The county is known for the Windsor Pumpkin Regatta, an annual water race usually held on Lake Pesaquid in Windsor.

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