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Some things about the area

Minas Basin is a sub-basin known for its extremely high tides. It forms Bay of Fundy's eastern part where it is splits into Cobequid Bay, Central Minas Basin, the Southern Bight and the Minas Channel. Several rivers including the Shubenacadie, Cornwallis, Gaspereau, Avon, Salmon, Canard, Debert, Diligent and Farrell rivers drain into the basin.

Minas Basin region is an area surrounding Minas Basin. It encompasses communities such as Kingsport, Truro, Walton, Windsor, Economy, Parrsboro, Great Village,Five Islands and Bass River. During the late 19th century, most of these communities were sustained by fishing, logging, fishing, mining and boat building.

The largely rural region is home to several parks and attractions including the Walton Lighthouse, the Kingsport waterfront, Burntcoat Head Lighthouse, the Lookout Tower and the Ottawa House Museum among others. The region is known for its scenery and abundant marine life. It is home to seals and porpoises, several species of fish, birds and fossils.

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