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Some things about the area

Kings County occupies 2,122.18 square kilometers in the Minas Basin Region. It lies south of the Bay of Fundy and is bordered by Annapolis County to the west, Hants County to the east and Lunenburg County to the south. The county encompasses the towns of Wolfville, Kentville and Berwick.

The median household income in the county which has an estimated population of 61,000 people is $44,744. Berwick, one of the towns in the county is known as the apple capital of Nova Scotia. It has a robust apple industry which contributes significantly towards the county's economic development.

The county which is served by Highway 101, Trunk 1 and 12 as well as 12 collector routes is increasingly becoming a tourist destination. Most of the towns in the county uniquely preserve their history in the numerous museums found in the county. Notable museums are such like the Kings County Museum in Kentville, the Apple Capital Museum and the Wolfville Historical Society.

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